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The long-term promotion of gift industry leads to hidden price war crisis

In this “no promotion, no marketing” era, gift industry sales actually need to pay attention to methods and science, and not blindly, or can only allow enterprises to die faster. Therefore, by combining scientific means with advanced mode of communication, we can increase the user’s experience, and enhance the value-added products, there is a possibility of victory.
Long term promotion triggered a hidden price war

Through a survey of a large store, we can find out the main types of sales promotion according to the survey of more than 10 stores. “Cost price” to lure consumers, “a series of final” to attract attention, theme planning to redouble their rendering, in short, “reward” discount”.
However, the industry believes that the long-term gift market promotions and you come to me, it will become the implicit price war, the long-term low price makes corporate profits decline, it is difficult to form a better improvement of the product itself, but also a short-sighted price war to snatch the temporary market, but also to the development of the whole industry vicious spiral form.
Development depends on upgrading value-added products
At present, many enterprises open the market way has deviated from the long-term development of the gift of the target track, low-priced promotion has become a common phenomenon in the market. In fact, gift enterprises blindly at low prices to attract consumers, with meager profits or even zero profit risk measure is not suitable for fighting a long protracted war, how to improve the market sales in the very period? Starting from the increase the added value of products, can be a very good solution to this problem.

This year’s Mid Autumn Festival gift recycling market volume and price down

Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival is the season of gift recycling business, but this reporter visited found that this year’s mid autumn gift recycling market can be said that the volume and price down.

Yesterday, at the gate of a small shop near Weihai Road, there was a “recycling gift” light box. Owner Liu said, before the Mid Autumn Festival and other major festivals, before and after the gift recycling business is the peak season, but now a full day of door-to-door customers are few. “Before buying and selling a good year to earn fifty thousand or sixty thousand dollars on this, no problem, now such a big festival, even five hundred or six hundred can not earn.”.” Liu introduced, in recent years, with the shopping card, real name system and other measures landing, the number of gifts dropped significantly reduced, and the corresponding income has not been compared with before. In a gift recycling shop in Fushun Road, the reporter into the store, the owner of several common gift price to the reporter, flying 53 degrees Moutai recovery price of 700 yuan, the recycling price shopping card for the original price of 8.5 to 10 percent off, moon cake coupons gift coupons recovery in the prices of most of the original 50 percent off below.
Visit the reporter found that due to the sale of gift recycling deserted, some gift shop owner and will simply put up the shutters, do online sale. In a second-hand goods website, the reporter contacted to do the gift recycling business song. “The cheapest rent a small door a year or twenty thousand or thirty thousand, earn this money enough to pay the rent.” Mr. Song has a gift recycling business for more than 10 years, and this two years, the business is getting worse and worse, in order to attract business, he even came to buy, but still little success. Mr. Song said that before and after the Mid Autumn Festival this year, he received only 2 cigarettes and a few bottles of white wine, not as much as 1/5 last year.
Recycling gift supplies continue to decrease, the reporter found in the interview, this has become the consensus of the industry. “In a word, I feel like I’ve bought fewer gifts than I used to buy in recent years.”.” Mr. Song said. For the reduction of goods supply, in addition to shopping cards, real name system and a series of restrictions, the public thrifty holiday consciousness is also considered to be an important reason. The holidays are fastidious about reciprocity between friends, send gifts to move about quite normal, if can send more, high value, will add the burden to each other, must consider the value is not equal to return when it would be inappropriate.” Citizen Ms. Li told reporters.

Qingdao kindergarten children Thanksgiving Day gift study Thanksgiving

Our news November 24th is “Thanksgiving Day”, Huangdao District golden cradle kindergarten kids led down to the bus station in Huangdao to work brought gifts for the holidays in the line of uncles and aunts in the teacher, they work hard to express gratitude.
24, 9 pm, more than 30 children and some parents came to Huangdao bus station in the kindergarten teacher’s leadership, in the yard, long-distance bus drivers and attendants lined up in front of the car, the children are in the hands of the gift bags in winter to struggle in the field of Uncle aunt. The bag contains not only the children’s hand-made handicrafts and hand cream, but also a small card filled with blessings, the delivery staff took the gift very touched.

Subsequently, the children are still watching the station, at the same time to the ticket gate and service desk and other posts of the front-line workers sent gifts and blessings. “All the year round 5:30 in the morning to the post, standing for at least 6.5 hours a day, especially in winter, even in the hall is also very cold, they are hard to pay, to ensure the safety of passengers travel smoothly.” Responsible for the explanation of the attendant Zhang Xinyi to introduce a staff of the situation. See the staff who work so hard, the children go on the ticket counter, passenger ticket to ride, experience a station staff.
“Take the children to the station and hope they can understand the hard work of the service industry. They not only broaden their horizons, but also let them learn to revere and learn to be grateful, and train them to form more positive and healthy values.”.” Golden cradle kindergarten, Li said.

Gift enterprises how to achieve market counterattack counter strategy?

In the gift industry, large enterprises like an aircraft carrier, although the function is complete, combat effectiveness, but bulky, complex systems, lack of flexibility. Therefore, the best way for small and medium-sized enterprises to compete with large enterprises is to avoid head-on conflicts and implement “big roundabout” strategy”. In places where big business is hard to attack, the president saves it and then challenges big firms when their own strength is strong enough.
Price detour
If you don’t want to be robbed of your market by big business, you’d better not have a head-on clash with them on pricing. That is to say, your price can’t be the same as that of a big company, either lower or higher. This requires that the products you develop must have low or high reasons. And whether you set high prices or set low prices, large companies can’t follow suit. To do this, you must study the enterprise supply chain and sales channels, or the development of a large enterprise can not do the product in the supply chain, or to develop a sales system to sell their products.
Functional detour
If the “price detour” is given priority to consider the function of the price, then “function detour” is the priority function based on the consideration of price. In this case, there may be two kinds of results: it is possible to do the partition on the price, and there may be no separation in the price. If you are prepared to do nothing on the price with the “bosses” on the market, then you have to do functional segmentation and achieve “functional detours””. The main point of functional detour is that we must appeal to the function that a large enterprise product can not achieve. This function can come from raw materials, from core technology, or even from product design. No matter where it comes from, you have to do it. Big business can’t beat you to death. At this point, Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste is worth learning from the brand.
Focused detour
Generally speaking, the focus is the roundabout method to be used in price and features are not using “circuitous war”, but also can be said to be the last ditch method. However, do not belittle, this method is easier for small and medium-sized gift companies to survive. The core principle is the focus of the market leader in the detour, not interested in or not good at the field of concentration of troops, assault focus, zhanshanweiwang. However, the need to pay attention to gift enterprises: circuitous war is not the purpose of “away from the boss, content, but through the” detour “to solve the problem of existence, when the wings hard enough, but also kill back.

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